Third Age: Total War [DAC AGO] – Empire of Rhûn – Chapter 27: Barad-dûr

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00:00 : Intro
01:06 : Campaign Map
01:53 : Battle of Barad-dûr
28:05 : Campaign Map
37:28 : Siege of Enethaur
52:02 : Campaign Map
54:10 : Battle of Dant'alad
57:40 : Campaign Map
1:00:55 : Battle of the Ash Lands
1:11:27 : Campaign Map

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Campaign Information:
Faction: Empire of Rhûn
Difficulty: Very Hard / Very Hard
Campaign Length: Long

Mods used:
Divide and Conquer V4.6
AI and Gameplay Overhaul (AGO):
The Empire of Rhûn submod can be found in the DaC and AGO discord.

For more information on AGO check out Fynn on YouTube:

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Chapter 27: Barad-dûr

The Black Gate is ours... the forces of Sauron humiliated and defeated... yet this was only the beginning.

As the batallions of Mordor scramble to launch a desparate counter-attack in the west - the army of our Lôke Khan has arrived at the plateau of Gorgoroth, near the slopes of Mount Doom... where the tower of darkness stands tall... Barad-dûr...

Amidst the fumes of sulfur and hovels of the orcs, Barad-dûr stands mighty... a bastion of evil and deceit, dwarfing even the tallest spires of Mistrand... the mighty mountain-throne of the dark lord...

So it was... but so it shall not remain - for today the glittering horde of Rhûn shall lay siege to the dark tower... hammer down its defences, slaughter all those who would dare defend it.. and claim all the knowledge and riches housed inside.

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