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THESE VR JUMPSCARES WILL KILL ME // Layers of Fear VR Quest 2 - Part Two // The Best VR Horror Games

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Layers of Fear VR turns the intensity up a notch this week as I head off in search of the next body part/fluid to complete my masterpiece with, these terrifying corridors & twisted halls set me up for some big VR jumpscares that I was not prepared for. Welcome to Layers of Fear VR part 2 / my Layers of Fear VR Walkthrough part 2, a descent into the madness of a trouble painter who is fighting with his own demons and trying to complete his final masterpiece once and for all... LETS GET ARTY!


Part one -

Lets continue this mission to find the BEST VR HORROR games with the start of another brand new longplay this week, it's time for a Layers of Fear VR playthrough. One of my favourite psychological horror games of recent years makes for a fantastic & intensely spooky VR horror experience. Welcome to my Layers of Fear VR walkthrough part one, as always I'm recording using my Oculus Quest 2 but this video isn't native Layers of Fear VR Quest 2 gameplay, I've captured from the PC VR version to ensure the capture is the best quality. There is however a Layers of Fear VR Oculus Quest version if you want to try this out for yourself in standalone VR... LETS GET SPOOKY!

My search for the best VR horror games has led me here, Layers of Fear, a story of an artist slipping further and further into madness, alone in his ever shifting and changing house which only gets more insane the further you explore. Layers of Fear VR is a much more psychological horror experience than the titles I've played through previously, the game relies on a twisted narrative and even more twisted corridors in the ever changing mansion to get under the players skin and the VR version manages to execute this brilliantly. This Layers of Fear VR gameplay walkthrough will also be a little more narrative heavy than previous playthroughs so get comfortable and prepare for a little more story telling from me.

If you're looking for a creep haunted mansion experience that's a decent length, tells a strong story and gets under your skin with slow burn tension and well executed jumpscares then check out Layers of Fear or Layers of Fear VR for the full immersive experience. This week we get settled into the house, learn about the relationship between the artist & his wife and confront some early game nightmares. If creepy paintings, poltergeist activity & a monster made of books sounds like your kind of game then you're in for a treat!

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