Soviet URAAAA Charge! Total Tank Simulator Operation Barbarossa! TTS Battle Simulator Gameplay!

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Massive SWARM of Russian Tanks CHARGE back the German Blitzkrieg with one big URAA! Germany vs the Soviet Union, an EPIC World War 2 battle to decide the fate of the planet!!

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Total Tank Simulator Gameplay is back with more World War 2 battles from the WW2 Operation Barbarossa Campaign on the Eastern Front. Germany clashes head to head with the Soviet union in some of the key turning points of the second world war. Stalingrad and the battle of Kursk. Whoever wins these ww2 battles will win ww2! Isn't that just it, that's what battle simulator games are all about. Especially tank games like total tank simulator game. This epic battle simulator allows you to make ww2 battles like the battle of stalingrad and the battle of kursk on the eastern front as you desire!

If you're new to this total tank simulator battle simulator game, well this is very much not a new battle simulator. There have not been new total tank simulator updates for a while now. We used to get total tank simulator new updates regularly but the devs kind of abandoned the game which is a shame as a couple new tts updates would allow the total tank simulator gameplay experience to take off. If they were to do a new update, they should do a total tank simulator sandbox update and fix the total tank simulator unit creator and add a map creator. Currently the total tank simulator battles are very limited and there's no reason for them to be. That being said, I can still get some epic tts gameplay out for you and these new tts battles will be no different. New updates or no new updates, I will still try to get you new total tank simulator battles regularly with high quality! So yeah, hopefully if there are new tank games, new battle simulator games or just and other new steam games 2021 that are similar to total tank sim then I will take a look. I love new battle simulator games and new tank games, shame there aren't enough of them really!


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