Rome vs Sassanids | Massive 39 000 units Total War Cinematic Battle - Rome 2

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Rome's veteran legionnaires march vs the Sassanids in the Syrian territory braving a heavy dust storm. In this Total War Cinematic Battle, Roman legionnaires, cohorts, cataphracts and armored archers bring the might of the empire to the gates of the Sassanids . The Sassanids are used to this climate and they also bring close to 20 000 troops to counter the 20 000 Romans advancing on their empire. They also bring 100 elephants but will they be tough enough to withstand the roman war machine?

You can enjoy a quality cinematic using Rome 2 Total War with the Divide et Impera mod in the Empire Divided module of the game.

This is not a historical battle.

Battle recorded with Divide et Impera and Mighty Effects mods.

#aditulaudis #cinematicbattle #rome2totalwar

00:00 - Intro march
02:15 - Sassanid army
03:00 - Main battle
09:11 - End of


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