Netflix Live Action Cowboy Bebop is a Crime Against Anime

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art by - Suppa Rider

0:00 intro
0:15 it wasn't an anime it was an experience
3:35 Cowboy bebop is netflixs Rush Hour
5:37 50-year-old spike vs the anime
6:40 The Consumer mindset
7:27 Remakes in this day & age (Jet Black)
9:23 annoying Faye
10:54 Bargain Bin vicious
11:28 Gren the hostess
12:40 Vicious is kylo ren
14:49 creatively bankrupt
15:47 Netflixs ruins the church battle
16:38 scene by scene comparison
18:12 break down of changes as fast as I can
19:17 don't ask questions just consume product
23:05 The show is righting the wrongs of the anime
26:51 I upset mudane rock collector

#cowboybebop #netflix
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