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Forge of Empires: Castle System IS OUT! First Impressions! (Beta)

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In this video I go over the brand new Castle System! We've been speculating for what feels like months now on what this is, so it was a real surprise to finally see this thing for real! My initial thoughts are quite positive, it's a nice addition that changes nothing game play wise, but gives you extra rewards for most of your actions. So all in all, quite positive :)

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Reading Through Announcement!
3:37 - Castle Artwork (Levels)
4:19 - Rewards Items
6:05 - Reward Boosts
7:20 Castle System In Game!
7:30 - Daily Castle Coins
8:28 - Level Rewards (Level 15)
11:55 - Getting Castle Points
13:24 - Getting Points For Lvl 1
19:50 - Level 1!
20:17 - Cost For Lvl 2
20:57 Final Thoughts
21:16 Daily Reward Chest
21:52 Final Thoughts (for real)
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