Clash of Empire - A Total War | Part 2: Death Till Dawn

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K5K85K113. Part 2/2. This is the throne war that confronted us to kingdoms K85 and K113. Both kingdoms have good players, both kingdoms are eager to fight and take us on. The fields shall turn red from all the blood spilled after 2 days of fighting.
Battlefield K113.

This second part features mainly a long series of rallies between k85 and k5.

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I don't own the rights to the music in this video and it's not for commercial use.

"Darkness" by Eqwillus (0:00 - 2:03)
"IDDQD in DOOM (Extended Mix)" by d3stra (2:04 - 5:39)
"The Nothing" by SWARM (5:40 - 9:45)
"Take Me To Hell" by SWARM (9:46 - 13:55)
"I Won't surrender" by Michael Ramir C. (14:00 - 14:51)
"Thrills" by TH3 DARP Seum Dero feat. Rachel Leycroft (14:53 - 16:09)
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