Altar Quest First Playthrough Part 1

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I decided to film my first ever playthrough of Altar Quest since so many people have been requesting content while they wait for their copy to arrive.

3:03 - Round 1
30:20 - Round 2
49:15 - Round 3

FULL DISCLOSURE: Mistakes were made.

My biggest mistake was failing to draw a random altar card during set-up. I guess I was assuming the Quest Set-Up card would tell me which altar to put into play, but it did not and I failed to catch that line in the rule book. Needless to say, my altar pool did not get re-rolled during each quest phase and there was probably some damage I should have taken along the way. It is what it is though, so just keep that in mind.

I also realized after this first video was filmed that the supply token pool is a shared pool for all heroes. There were a few instances during this first part where Quella could have made good use of a supply token, but I thought Myreen was controlling all of them.

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