КТО БУДЕТ ЦАРЕМ ГОРЫ?? В Q-ZAR (TZAR) Game:1 Date: 01/10/21

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Practice game in TZAR

Мы играем в Санкт-Петербурге на этой арене: https://qzar.spb.ru/index.php/kontakty
Если хотите присоединиться, запись на игры производится тут: https://vk.com/timetotrain

Tzar settings:
Format 3x3x3 (3 people in a team, 3 teams play at the same time)
with 1 neutral base, which gives points for holding it!
Playing time: 10 minutes, 1 round
Game type: Energize
Lives: 6
Rate of fire: 2sps
Defenseshield: yes
Reflex: no
Shooting in your own way: yes
Spies: no
Target defeat bonus: yes
Mines: no
For defeat, +2 points are attacked for you and -1 for the opponent, for the defeat of an ally -1 for you (the ally does not bong, but dies!)
The base is not active for the first 30 seconds of the game.
The base has 2 states Neutral, Captured.
How to take the base: the base is taken under control with 2 shots, the first shot will make the base neutral (if the base is Captured by another team) or instantly be taken under your Capture (if the base is neutral), the second shot will always take the base under the Capture of your team.
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